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Project Description

About Petru

Mr. Vaduva believes that combining industry and financial knowledge with operational know-how can bring significant profits

With over 25 years experience in management of industrial and financial operations, Mr. Vaduva, either as a successful CEO of large corporations or as top financial analyst and manger in Emerging Markets, was able not only to understand complex value propositions across the sectorial and geographical Emerging Market universe, but was also able to applied this knowledge hands-on in the restructuring and development of two of the largest corporations in Romania with assets of over $3bn and with over 10,000 employees.

During his career Mr. Vaduva was also able to execute complex Investment Banking and corporate transactions participating directly in two flagship transactions across the world; the second privatization in Latin America, Banco Wise, and the largest privatization in emerging market at that time, Rosneft.

As equity portfolio manager, analyst and head of research, Petru has analyzed several hundred companies over the entire Emerging Market spectrum developing a keen understanding of macro economic, sector and operational risks. This unique knowledge was successfully applied operationally,  both in complex restructuring and development situations.

As CEO of Tiriac Holding, Mr. Vaduva was able to restructure a complex consumer laden $1.5bn holding company heavily impacted by the 2008 economic crisis. Completing $400mln in real-estate investment.

Mr Vaduva earned a MBA, Finance from Yale University and a MS, Molecular Biology and BA in Biochemistry from Columbia Univeristy.



Romania: As CEO of the Romanian Gas Transportation System succeeded in modernizing and restructuring the company, reflected in stock returns of 170% over my four year mandate.

Russia: Managed one of the top three O&G research groups in Eastern Europe and co-managed the Rosneft IPO, the largest emerging market IPO at that time.

Latin America: Managed the top O&G research group in the region.


Latin American: Ranked analysts in the financial sector in Latin America. Participated as lead manager of the second privatization in Latin America, Banco Wise

Eastern Europe: Lead top ranks equity research groups in the region

Romania: Member of BOD for Unicredit and Allianz Romania.


London: CIO of a $300mln portfolio in Emerging Markets for SEB


Romania: managed the third largest auto retail network in the country. Sold participations in the Mercedes and Ford importer business. Also, sold the participation in the second largest elevators’ manufacturer to a strategic investor.