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Mr. Nechiti believes in enriching everyday strategic opportunities to unlock their potential, while producing a solid return-on-capital.

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About Ionel

With over 20 years experience in M&A, Investment Banking, Corporate Finance, Audit & Due Diligence and Taxation, Mr. Nechiti offers a strong track record in successfully executing complex enterprise transactions with global impact.  He blends his talent for deal structure and financial leverage instruments with a passionate and results-oriented mindset to consistently identify unlocked value and transform high-potential businesses.

Over the course of his career, Mr. Nechiti has worked with firms like Ernst & Young in the Energy, Industrial, Transportation, Infrastructure, Technology and Healthcare sectors. He has held various positions from Portfolio Management to that of Chief Financial Officer and Chief Strategy Officer.

His expertise spans Supply Chain & Materials Management, Distressed Debt & Restructuring, and Investment Fund Management, and has been consistently successful in liaising with international government bodies and in facilitating foreign investor participation.

Mr. Nechiti has co-founded multiple GP and LP investment funds and has led over 30 national and international M&A transactions across US, Europe, China, Australia and Canada from early stage to mature organizations in small to mid-range companies.

Mr. Nechiti also structured a PE “buyout group” in Houston and Los Angeles, acting as a hands-on operator to maximize underlining returns for both Limited and General Partners. He was previously the President of Platform Management LLC taking a hands on approach working with and growing entrepreneurial companies.

Mr. Nechiti has a distinguished educational background holding degrees and certificates from Harvard Business School, Stanford University, “Babeș-Bolyai” University from Cluj-Napoca, and holds the accreditation of Romanian Chartered Accountants.

Mr. Nechiti enjoys volunteering to education & non government organizations such as National Speech & Debate, AIESEC, PVF Round table, EY and he has founded the Sentiment Traditional Foundation focused on Global Culture & Education Integration.

Mr. Nechiti originates from Romania and currently lives in Houston, Texas since 2001. He continually seeks out new ideas and partnerships, and believes there is something to learn from every human being.



USA/Canada: Acquisition of valve manufacture; dual structure exit to Cameron JV & Schlumberger, including a JV with George Kaiser (Argonaut, BOKF)

China: Started three green field JV’s and built Foundries and a Processing Center factory combined with an acquisition of a valve manufacturing & forging operation, and established a trading & distribution operation; resulting enterprise exit to Cameron

Romania: Managed privatization transactions & auction of government-owned enterprises for machinery manufacturing and sucker rods/pumps (including entity reorganization); including an exit with USA Investor PCC.


Netherlands, Romania: Valuation of financial organization and audits for several Transportation, Railway trucks & maintenance organizations

France. Romania:  Internal controls a car manufacturer for Dacia/Renault


USA, Italy: Acquisition of local distribution co.’s, expand business & exit

Australia: Acquisition of a subsea engineering firm, national expansion of operations, & exit

Switzerland, UK, Germany, Romania, Austria: Valuation of financial organization and audit activities for textiles, cement production, and construction firms

USA/Romania: Internal controls for Coca Cola, McDonalds


USA: Invested and structured a roll up for an RFID technology start-up

USA: Acquired and developing SAFER Systems (an HSE Emergency Response data analytics)


USA: Early stage investor in AngelMD (healthcare start-ups platform)

USA: Early stage investment and roll up of Diabetics America