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Mr. Dutta enjoys building businesses, investing, learning & creating value through sustainable operations.

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About Deb

Mr. Dutta is an impactful executive who has been front and center playing key operating roles in three major technology waves – Data Security, Data Center Networking, and Cloud Computing. He has created and led multiple high performance multinational teams and infrastructure builds to produce sustainable, multi-billion dollar cumulative revenue streams across 19 countries.

Mr. Dutta’s operations style combines converting disruptive states into a strategic vision, unlocking  embedded capabilities, pursuing bold innovation followed by laser point implementation. He proved this approach in Silicon Valley firms like McAfee (1997-2001), Brocade Communications (2001-2012) and Contrail Systems (2012-2016) – acquired by Juniper Networks, enabling them to evolve from infancy to dramatic growth in revenue, profitability and market share.

During these tenures Mr. Dutta was part of the executive teams that led the buyouts, post buyout integration and business metrics delivery on Network General, PGP, Dr. Solomon, Trusted Information Systems and Secure Networks at McAfee and McData Corporation ($1 Billion buyout) and Foundry Networks ($2.5 Billion buyout) at Brocade. He was on the Executive team that sold startup Contrail Systems to Juniper Networks for $176 million, less than a year from its incorporation.

Mr. Dutta is also a Co-founder & Executive Director at ConnecTier Group, a consulting company with footprint in the United States, Latin America, Europe & Asia. The organization’s charter is to enable People & Business Transformation for clients in an unpredictable (VUCA) world.  He is also a Director at D&M Finance, his family office, and advisor to Rhodium Capital, a Singapore based PE firm.

Mr. Dutta is passionate in furthering implementation of Sustainable Philanthropy in Healthcare & eliminating Marginalization in Education.  He has authored and published the non-fiction work – “Success is an Exaggeration”, available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Flipkart.

Mr. Dutta holds a Certificate in Private Equity & Venture Capital from Harvard Business School, an MBA in International Business from the University of South Australia, a Master’s degree in Economics from the University of Calcutta, and a General Management Certificate from the Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta. He currently resides in Singapore.


  • 1996: Sold Day Software Technology, a software firm he co-founded to PT Sigma Cipta Caraka, Indonesia
  • 1998-2001: Involved in buyouts and post buyout Operation integration of Network General, PGP, Dr. Solomon, TIS and Secure Networks (while at McAfee)
  • 2001-2011: Involved in billion dollar buyouts and post buyout Operation integration of McData Corporation and Foundry Networks (while at Brocade Communications)
  • 2012: Involved in the sale of Contrail Systems to Juniper Networks for $176 million
  • 2014: Invested in Tunigo (Sweden) in 2012 – subsequently exited via trade sale to Spotify
  • 2017: Invested in Right Relevance Inc (California online media company) in 2012. Exited via trade sale to Cronycle Ltd. (UK)